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Anemia Test Kit


  • As reliable as a hospital laboratory test
  • Finger prick blood spot test - results in 10 minutes
  • Free expert advice to help you use the test and interpret your results with confidence
  • Signs and symptoms of anemia

Anemia (anaemia) due to low iron levels occurs frequently in women and children of all ages but mostly in women who have periods - around 1 in 5 women suffer from iron deficiency at some time.

The main signs of anemia are;

  • paleness
  • lack of energy
  • feeling tired all the time
  • headaches
  • rapid heart beat

and shortness of breath particularly during exercise but could otherwise go unnoticed.

This test shows whether you have low iron levels in your blood. Iron deficiency occurs when your blood does not contain enough red blood cells carrying haemoglobin which is the protein involved in transporting oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. A key component of haemoglobin is iron.

Low iron levels which occur during pregnancy, growth during childhood, periods or low dietary iron intake and poor absorption can have significant effects on your health. Our Anaemia test is a simple blood spot test that gives you a reliable result in just 10 minutes as to whether the protein called Ferritin, which is responsible for iron storage in cells is normal or low.

How does the test work?

The Anemia test from Health Check Shop shows whether your Ferritin levels are normal or too low.

  • A Ferritin level more than 20 ng/ml means that you have normal levels of Ferritin and it is unlikely that you have an iron deficiency
  • A Ferritin level less than 20 ng/ml means that your Ferritin levels are lower than normal and you should speak with your doctor because you may have an iron deficiency

A finger prick blood spot is required and is obtained by using the sterile automatic finger pricker provided with the test kit.

The test takes 10 minutes to complete when your result will be displayed on the test cassette as less than or greater than the cut-off of 20 ng/ml of Ferritin.

How accurate is the instant anemia test

In independent laboratory studies our Anemia test has been shown to agree with laboratory test results and is CE accredited according to Medical Device Directive 98/79EC for testing at home.

  • 98% agreement with laboratory methods
  • Used for over 10 years by medical professionals for the diagnosis of anaemia

What does the result mean?

The test shows whether you could be anemic and have an iron deficiency. Aaemia is also a sign of untreated coeliac disease due to poor absorption of iron in the diet, see our coeliac disease test for further information.

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Anemia Test

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