Twice as sensitive as early pregnancy tests


  • Reliable results from just 8 days after conception
  • Can be used before your period is due
  • High quality and reliability
  • As reliable as a doctor's test
  • Pack designed in the UK
  • 2 tests per pack
  • Order before 3pm Monday to Friday for same day dispatch

Many women ask "How early can I do a pregnancy test?" Well it depends on which test you use. Ordinary pregnancy tests can generally be used from the day of your first missed period and early tests up to a few days before then. 

We all know that Clearblue® is the leading pregnancy test brand in the UK but the new Viola test is exceptionally good too. The Viola Super Early Pregnancy Test is twice as sensitive as 'early' pregnancy tests, giving you a result as reliable as a doctor's test in just 15 minutes. So if you want to know 'am i pregnant' as early as possible, the Viola test will give you a reliable result earlier than most other tests allowing you to take health and lifestyle changes as soon as possible to help improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

You can use this early morning urine test even before your period is due - from just 8 days after conception. This test has been specifically designed to reliably detect the pregnancy hormone hCG at the very earliest stage. In laboratory studies, the test has been shown to detect as low as 5 IU/L of hCG with an accuracy greater than 99%.


When will I receive my order?

All orders placed before 3pm Monday to Friday are dispatched the same day - most customers receive their order the very next day. Single packs are dispatched in plain flat packed boxes to fit through your letter box.

Why are there two pregnancy tests in each pack?

During the very early stages of pregnancy the levels of hCG are very low but can double in levels each day. Two tests are included in each pack so that if you test too early and get a negative result then you can test again a day or two later when the hCG hormone levels will be higher.

Will this test give false positive results?

Although the Viola test is twice as sensitive as other early tests, the chemistry has been redeveloped to reduce the chances of false positive results (see below). In fact, in trials of over 100 urine samples from women who were not pregnant, none of the samples tested gave a positive result. In a more recent survey, March 2016, of over half a million tests sold there have been no complaints of false positive results.

How do false positive results occur with some other pregnancy test brands?

The way the chemistry works in most pregnancy tests makes it almost impossible to get a false positive result. All pregnancy tests detect the level of the pregnancy hormone known as hCG. Modern pregnancy tests are designed not to detect the very low levels found in women who are not pregnant. That means, if hCG is detected and you see a line then it is likely that you are pregnant. Sadly, not all pregnancies proceed to term with the greatest number of failures early on in pregnancy. Nevertheless, it is possible, that some other manufacturers may choose to use cheaper antibodies that are not so specific for hCG, or have a less rigorous quality system, which can result in false positives.

Is it worth testing so early when there is a chance that I could have a 'chemical pregnancy'?

That is a decision that you will need to make yourself. Nevertheless, knowing that you are pregnant as early as possible does give you the opportunity to make changes to your health and lifestyle to improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

I have read that non pregnant women can have hCG levels that are detectable in very sensitive pregnancy tests. Is this true?

It depends on how old the literature is that these comments are based on. Many years ago, laboratory pregnancy tests weren't that sensitive, so the level for a positive test was set relatively high. As immunodiagnostics have advanced it is now known that the levels of hCG in the urine of non pregnant women is very much lower - usually less than 1 IU/L. This means that more sensitive pregnancy tests such as Viola can safely be used without the concern of false positive results.

Do you get evaporation lines with Viola?

No. Evaporation lines (evap lines) are found with some other brands of pregnancy test. Providing you follow the instructions you should not see evaporation lines with the Viola test.

Why is Viola the only super sensitive test?

The sensitive technology used by Viola is patented. Someone has to be the first, others will follow.

How can you say Viola is the most sensitive test when I got a negative result but a positive result with another brand?

This is rare but here are a few reasons why this might occur;

  • Instructions not being followed correctly
  • Not using an early morning urine sample which is more concentrated in hCG
  • The other brand might have given you a false positive result or evaporation line
  • hCG levels can double every 24 hours so it is possible to get a negative result with Viola but a positive result the next day

Is it a good idea to take the test apart to see the result?

No. You should always use the test and interpret the results as directed in the instructions. All validation of the test has been performed according to the instructions, if you deviate from these there is a risk you will interpret the test wrongly.

Why are the test devices orange in colour?

Yes, it is a strange colour for a pregnancy test but there is a good reason! The colour orange was chosen as this makes it easier to read the result.

I have been trying to get pregnant for ages without success, could my partner have a fertility issue?

Around 1 in 3 couples have issues with male fertility. There is now a simple test to check your partners sperm quality as well as sperm count. See our Male Fertility Test

Who makes the Viola test?

The Viola Super Early Pregnancy Test pack was designed in Yorkshire and is manufactured by medical device company Care Diagnostica in Austria, first launched in the UK in 2014. Care Diagnostica manufactures a wide range of accredited medical tests for laboratories as well as consumer.

How do I know the result will be reliable?

The Viola test is manufactured in Europe by a medical device company with a full quality assurance system (ISO 13485) externally audited on an annual basis. The test has been CE accredited according to the IVD Directive 98/79EC and independently evaluated by doctors and scientists to ensure that there is evidence for all claims made regarding accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

Can I trust Viola - I haven't heard much about it?

Viola was launched in 2014, like all new brands it can take decades to become a household name but we're getting there!

Although this is an early test can I use it after my missed period?

Yes, the test will also give you a reliable result from the day of your missed period too.

Viola Super Early Pregnancy Test (2 tests)

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