Information for GPs

How Health Check Shop® works with GPs and other health professionals

Health Check Shop is owned by medical company JRBiomedical Ltd who supply diagnostic tests for hospital laboratories and medical research as well as direct to the general public.

Clinical performance of our self test kits

All our tests are accredited according to the IVD Directive 98/79 EC which means that the clinical performance of the tests have been independently evaluated by scientists and clinicians and found to be comparable to hospital laboratory tests. In addition, all our self tests have been demonstrated to be easy to use by most lay persons.

Post market surveillance - user issues

The self testing sector is relatively new. We are proactive in seeking comments from our self test users as to their experiences of using the tests. Most of the usability issues to date are due to lack of familiarity with single use lancets for obtaining a finger prick blood sample. We have addressed this issue by reinforcing the need to read the instruction leaflet thoroughly before starting the test and advice to contact us if the user needs further help.

Our view on self testing

Self test kits for a wide range of medical conditions are now widely available from pharmacies and online. The availability of reliable self test kits, when used appropriately and in the context of your patient’s clinical history and physical examination, have the potential to add further information to a diagnosis in the same way as hospital laboratory results.

Better regulation is needed

We believe that the sale of the majority of self test kits should be more tightly regulated. Ideally, most self test kits should be requested by the patient’s doctor and the results reviewed with a follow up consultation. Whilst this is not practical at present, we encourage anyone with a health concern to speak with their GP in the first place, in order to rule out a medical condition requiring urgent treatment or referral.

In the meantime...

At JR Biomedical we have set up a process for our self test users to contact us for advice on how to use the test and interpret the test results with confidence, again offering an opportunity to reinforce the necessity to see their GP for their health concerns. Our customers also have the opportunity to contact our nurse or discuss their use of the test and interpretation of results with one of our scientists. However, we will not provide medical advice for users of our self test devices as it is not ethical for us to do so.

For further information please contact JR Biomedical on 01745 535 207.