Customer Testimonials

Updated 24th June 2022

"I just wanted to say the test kit is great for accessibility... Due to your test kit I was able to take the test independently without others knowing. E" 

"Thank you for your excellent customer service BW Nicola"

"Thanks very much. Your company has been great: efficient, totally clear with instructions and exceptionally helpful. We are most grateful. Best wishes. Dan"

"The rapid response to my problem was really appreciated and it was a pleasure talking to the lovely lady on the phone (apologies for not having a name). 

All the best for Christmas and the New Year, Barbara"

"Thanks so much for your outstanding customer service and speed which is really appreciated!, Claire'

"Thank you for posting quickly. All clear. Will re test every few months, B"

"I received the replacement test which you very kindly sent to me. I appreciate the gesture even though it was my lack of blood that was the main issue!! If I can leave positive feedback somewhere then please let me know. Thank you again, Regards, Carl"

"Just wanted to let you know received results from GP blood test last week and confirms I have coeliac disease. I am excluding gluten and feel better already. I would like to thank you for this product and the support and advice given- sounds corny but it has changed my life. I have put up with so many symptoms associated with coeliac disease for years and felt progressively more sick. I had visited a GP years ago and was prescribed medication for IBS. Without this product and your advice I wouldn’t have dreamt of going to see a GP feeling that I was wasting their time and my symptoms were just something I had to live with. Without meaning to be disrespectful it may not have been a test performed by the GP either. Huge thanks to you - really am very grateful. Kind regards, Lucy"

"Thank you for such a quick response. This has put my mind at ease! I found using the SELFCheck very easy to use! Have a good day. Sarah"

"thank you, that's great service !! Lee" 

"Thank you so much for your prompt reply and for this amazing customer service experience. I will certainly notify you when I have received it, will watch the video and update you that I hopefully get a result next time. I will also be sure to recommend you to friends and colleagues. Warm Regards, Clare"

"Many thanks for all the advice, and the prompt response, much appreciated. K regards, Cheryl"

"Thank you for your quick response. Hayley"

"Thank you very much.  Package just arrived. Many thanks. Robert"

"'The test kit arrived very quickly and I am pleased to say that after I had five minutes of insufficient breathing, I was consoled to see only one line on the test results. I have the NHS biannual test as well but much can go wrong in two years so, to be able to assure myself at a time when my ‘innards were revolting’ is absolutely wonderful.  I find that others have not heard of this inexpensive test and this concerns me. More people need to know of it. My Thanks and Best Regards, Derek"

"Good evening Sir / Madam. Thank you so much for quick delivery. N.R."

"I just wanted to let you know I received my test kits this morning. Thank you. Regards, Mrs C." 

"This is the only brand I trust.  I use your health products only because they are the only ones, for me, that are reliable and trustworthy and have gone through stringent trials and accreditation and are the same as the lab checks.  The best ever, give full peace of mind and re-assurance. 5 out of 5. Edwina"

"Hello, Thanks for the tests - they were really good and easy to use.... Louise"

"I really appreciate this - not used to this level of customer service to be honest! If you want me to leave any online reviews anywhere just let me know and I'll be happy to give you some five star ratings. All the best. Bob"

"Hi, thanks for the quick response! ... very impressive customer service, thanks very much, Simon"

"All received thanks, great service. Results negative... as expected, but needed extra peace of mind. Thanks again, Rob"

"Thank you so much, such excellent service, all the best, Jane"

"Thank you for your email. I was very impressed with your efficiency. I found everything very straight forward and easy to use and after receiving a negative result I can now move forward and not worry. Thank you. Rachael"

"Hi , I have received the parcel this morning and was amazed how quick it arrived very impressed will be ordering from u again sometime thanks, Julie"

"I received this order this week. Thank you for the quick delivery... Lauren"

"I have been using the meter you so kindly sent to me I think it is so easy to use and am very happy with it.... is there a online order address where I can purchase lancets and test strips please. Once again thanks so much. Regards, Peter"

"Quick email to thank you for the excellent customer service. The test kit arrived as you indicated in your earlier email. Once again many thanks for your help. Jackie & Alistair"

"Just a note to thank you for your prompt service.  I ordered the goods yesterday and they arrived this morning less than 24 hours after placing the order.  The product instructions were clear and precise and most importantly I am glad to say that the results were negative.  As I saved over four hours from visiting the local STI clinic and then having to wait another two weeks for the results I thought I would use my time more constructively and say; Thank you. Gareth"

"Thank you so much for your email. It was very helpful. Sue"

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt and very efficient service. I recently had cause to purchase one of your blood testing kits and am thankful that my test proved to be negative. It was a great relief to be able to get definitive results immediately and alleviate any further stress. I personally feel that with the current burden placed on the NHS, we can all play a small part in as much that if you can afford the nominal price of £20 for the test kit you not only help yourself much more quickly than going to your doctor but also save an appointment for someone who may not be in that position financially. So, again, thanks and keep up the good work! Jeannie"

"Thank you and we found that out! Will use your services again, brilliant!, Helen"

"Many thanks for your prompt service and reply. Kind regards, Sandra"

"Thank you for sending me your coeliac disease test kit, which I was able to use successfully this morning... Frances"

"Thank you for your letter and help with interpretation of the results. I have seen an allergist and have a positive blood allergy IgE test to milk. Thanks to the Health Check Shop, Regards, Nicole"

"Thank you for dealing with this so promptly and efficiently. Kind regards, Tracey"

"Hi, many thanks for the speedy delivery. Debbie"

"Thanks very much for your help, Amy"

"Hi, Happy with product, instructions good and easy to use, Alisa"

“The service we received was excellent and after sitting and studying the instructions the test was very straightforward and we managed it very well, better still the results were clear which was excellent. Malcolm”

“Hi, many thanks for my orders and speedy despatch, I was very pleased and the instructions you provided were very easy to follow as well. I will be ordering again in the near future. Thank you. Kind regards, Susan”

“...I have never known such a prompt service!!! Wonderful way to conduct business. I would recommend you to anyone. John”

"Very easy to use and the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I was very satisfied with the service you provide... Elizabeth”

“The result was positive. May I add that your service is excellent and the tests proved very useful... My wife has suffered from IBS for years now, but no one thought of gluten intolerance. But now she has something to take to the doctor... Thank you so much! Richard”

“I found your service to be excellent and was very happy with the test... Best Regards Stuart”

“Many thanks for the prompt delivery of my order. The test I purchased was easy to administer and helped me with a number of concerns that I had. Once again thank you, I would certainly recommend you to anyone else who had health concerns... Gill”

“Hi, I was very impressed with the test I bought from you. Both my partner and I found the test very easy to use and the instructions were documented well and very easy to follow. We also got the result we wanted which made it all worthwhile. Thanks for all your help. Samantha”

"I was very pleased with my order. It arrived very quickly, was fairly easy to understand and I was able to carry it out the next day... So very happy all round, thanks. Regards, Linden”

“I received the lactose intolerance test very promptly - thank you. The instructions were simple and easy to follow and I had no trouble with any of the equipment. I am very pleased with the service I have received from your company and would definitely recommend you to my friends and family... Thank you again for an excellent service. Kind regards, Helen”

“I ordered the coeliac test for my wife and we were very impressed with the speed of delivery (8am the following morning in our case!) as well as the test itself which was extremely simple to use... Kind regards, Brian”

“Super, efficient, helpful service. Many thanks, Beryl”

“I was very happy with the product and service you provided me with! And I spoken to a number of colleagues about it who thought it was a really good idea! I wish you every success and I wouldn’t hesitate to use your company again! Many thanks and kind regards, Debbie”

“It arrived in a couple of days like it said and it was easy to use and the service is great, Kerry”

“Hi, Thank you, I received my order and was completely satisfied with it.... Thank you for your support and I will certainly recommend your website to others. Thank you again, Shirley”

“Dear John, Thank you. I received my package from you well packaged and promptly. The instructions were clear and I had no trouble using the kit. I am glad to say that the result was a clear negative. Thank you for providing the facility. Regards, Robin”

”I was delighted with both the product and the service, thank you. The delivery speed was very fast, and the helpline invaluable. Kind regards, Louise”

“I was totally satisfied.... Not only with the product and the speed in which it was dispatched. But more important the service provided, ie. Being gently advised about the procedure. I have certainly recommended to many of my friends and family. Do keep up the good work as I know this will benefit many people. Yours very gratefully, Janet”

“I am happy to say that I am extremely pleased with the service provided by Health Check Shop. I received my product very quickly and it was packaged small enough to go through the letterbox which was a real bonus as I didn’t have to bother neighbours etc. The product was very professional with the contents, with an explanatory leaflet to guide me through the steps to use the test. I was also very happy with the test results, and overall very satisfied with the service provided by your company. I would not hesitate to contact your company again, should the need arise. With many thanks, Patricia”

“First class product and service. Best regards, Paul”

“Thank you for my order. I have done the test and it was negative. I was pleased with the product and how easy it was to use. Thank you again. Yours truly, Jo”

“I would like to say that I was more than happy with the service provided and the speed of delivery. The test itself was easy to carry out... Thank you, Debbie”

“Thank you very much for your help and speedy response, Pete”

“I was very impressed with your customer service. If I buy a test again I will certainly use your web site. Thank you. Jennifer”

“The test you sent me worked really well, it was easy to use. It was also accurate as I have since had the results confirmed by the hospital. Thanks, Angela”

“... I am very happy with the service I received from you and satisfied with the product I bought from you. Regards, Charlotte”

“Very impressive service, Helen”

“You couldn’t ask for a better service from Health Check Shop! Ordering is clear and simple with plenty of information regarding each test, the delivery service was fast and the personal information regarding my test results was very helpful. I would not hesitate to use Health Check Shop again and have already recommended this service to family members and friends”

“Very fast and efficient service, well done. Regards, Kevin”

“I telephoned for advice before purchasing the product and left a message on an answer-phone. I was very impressed with the speed of response and the quality of information I received. Thank you. You could not have done anything better”

“Thankyou, for prompt delivery, very satisfied with my health check item, I will be using you again in the future, many thanks, Penny”

“Just to let you know that the test kit I ordered came very quickly and the test instructions were very easy to follow. This is a very efficient service and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again if necessary. Regards, Sue”

“I received my order very quickly and am pleased to say the result was negative. Instructions were easy to follow and would use your company again if needed. Regards, Andrea”

“Hi, I received your item the very next day easy instructions and the result I wanted thanks for a great service, Louise”

“I was very pleased with the service of the Health Check Shop, from the ordering through to delivery. All very straightforward and quick, (I am not very computer friendly but even I found it simple) Many thanks, Christine”

“Hello John, I would just like to say thank you for a brilliant service, I was so pleased that the test kit arrived the very next day. Thankfully the test proved negative. Thank you, Jean”

“The service was very good, I received the kit the following day and my result was negative, so I was very pleased, Barbara”

“I recently purchased a celiac test from you which I received very promptly and on carrying out the test, it proved negative. Thank you very much for a very efficient service. Many thanks, Louise”

“Thank you. I received my order very promptly. Kind regards, Marie”

“I thought the three test kits I bought from you were great. It was good to eliminate possible illnesses I may have had. I will be buying more from you in the future. Thank you. Teresa”

“Just to let you know that I was very pleased with the service I received and the fast delivery. The test was relatively easy to use and came back negative. Frances”

“Good feedback. I was impressed with the speed at which my product arrived. The man was very pleasant on the phone when I placed my order. Thanks. Alyson”

“These were really great products and I was lucky that 3 tests turned out to show negative. My GP thought I might have IBS but I am still not convinced that is what is causing my problems. These tests help put peoples minds at ease and also seek medical help if they turn out positive in result. They arrived in good time too, so all in all I would recommend using Health Check Shop wholeheartedly. Yours faithfully, Elizabeth”

“Very prompt delivery, good instructions, straightforward to use. Judith”

“The service was excellent. David”

“Many thanks for prompt despatch of the coeliac test, very easy to use and thankfully negative result. Elaine”

“No complaints whatsoever about the speed and efficiency of your service! I did the test (coeliac) which happily proved negative. Laura”

“Dear Dr Rees, John, Thank you for your order. It arrived promptly and I was very satisfied with the service I received especially the fact that I knew I could contact you if I needed any help with anything. I am pleased to say the test was negative and set my mind at rest. I will certainly visit your web site again, regards. Angela”

“Hello, just to let you know that I was impressed with the service and price you offer, I would buy from you again as well as recommend your site. Thank you. Jude”

“Good service, came next day. Easy to use and quick results. Thank you. Jackie”

“I was very satisfied with your product. Everything was of good quality, well presented and the directions made it easy to use. Terry”

“I was very impressed with the easy to use test kit and the fast delivery. Thank you. Jane”

“I received my order all right and I am fully satisfied with the product as well as the service received from you. A lot of thanks. Jesus”

“Just to let you know that I was well satisfied with my recent order. The service was excellent too. Thanks. Hillary”

“Hi, good service, good easy to perform test and most important (for me at least) good results so thanks very much. Bravo! Mitchell”

“Fine no problem at all told me what I needed to know instantly. It came as promised the next day would recommend to anyone. Rita”

“...just a quick note to say thank you very much for the test kit, it was delivered very  quickly but unfortunately the test strip was missing. I contacted you on Wednesday and requested that you send one out to us, it arrived the next day. Thank you, nobody could ask for better service than that. All the very best to you and your team, Kind regards, Andy”

“Hi, the kit arrived right on time, it was easy to use, the instructions were very clear and the result simple to decipher. Best of all it was negative! Many thanks for a fantastic service. Paula”