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VivaChek Blood Glucose Meter Starter Pack

Diabetes is one of the world's most prevalent illnesses. Whether you have pre-diabetes, gestational, type 1 or type 2 diabetes, early diagnosis and monitoring with our quick and easy-to-use electronic blood glucose meter can help you control your symptoms.

Benefiting from 8 electrode technology the VivaChek blood glucose meter is ISO15197:2013 compliant (mmoles/l) and comes complete with a UK based nurse led customer care team from JRBiomedical.

An affordable and reliable blood glucose meter can help you control your diabetes.

What does the starter pack contain?

Each pack contains the latest VivaChek  blood glucose meter, 10 sterile lancets, batteries, 10 blood glucose tests strips and carry case. Further lancets and blood glucose strips are available from Health Check Shop. If you are a type 1 diabetic you can also get VivaChek test strips and lancets free on prescription.

  • Electronic blood glucose meter (mmoles/l for UK use)
  • Starter pack also contains 10 lancets and 10 test strips
  • 900 readings memory
  • ISO15197:2013 certified
  • Automatic control recognition
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Carry case
  • Results in seconds
  • Simple blood spot test
  • CE accredited

How does the VivaChek meter work?

The diabetes test kit is simple to use and gives reliable results in minutes.

Just prick your finger quickly and easily with the sterile finger pricker supplied to obtain a drop of blood and place the drop of blood on the test strip and place in the blood glucose meter. You will get a reliable result in 5 seconds. 

Affordable test strips and lancets are also available from your pharmacy - or order online today

Each starter pack comes with 10 strips to get you up and running but you will need to get further supplies of test strips and lancets from your nearest pharmacy. Test strips come in boxes of 50 strips (2 vials of 25 strips) and lancets in packs of 100 pieces. Information is supplied with your meter to ensure your pharmacist provides you with the correct strips for your VivaChek blood glucose meter.

Is VivaChek Reliable?

VivaChek is CE accredited according to the IVD Directive 98/79EC which means that VivaChek meets the UK requirements for accuracy, reliability and ease of use. VivaChek also meets the requirements of the international standard ISO15197:2015 and both the VivaChek test strips and lancets are available to eligible patients on an NHS prescription.

For further information visit the VivaChek Diabetes UK website.

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VivaChek Blood Glucose Meter Starter Pack

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Why buy from the Health Check Shop?

 Results accepted by your doctor

 Guaranteed to meet the UK and EU medical device regulations for reliability and ease of use

 Same test principle used by your hospital lab

 Help available from our scientific and clinical qualified staff

 Quality assurance system ISO13485:2016 for manufacture of medical devices

 Customer service quality assurance system ISO9001:2015

 UK manufacturer and developer of diagnostics for medical research

“...I have never known such a prompt service!!! Wonderful way to conduct business. I would recommend you to anyone. John”

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Further information

Health Check Shop offers busy people a quick, proactive and more connected solution to wellness. Our CE certified self test kits are a convenient, reliable and quick way to obtain a test result for a specific medical condition. Nevertheless, our best advice is to encourage you to use existing healthcare pathways wherever possible.

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